Meet Carole Martz

Meet Carole H. Martz MSN, RN, AOCN, Nurse Navigator for the Skin Cancer and Melanoma Program.

Carole MartzAs the nurse navigator for the Skin Cancer and Melanoma Program, Carole assists patients with questions regarding their diagnosis and treatment, and serves as a liaison between areas of care.

"When interviewing for a new oncology nursing position in the area, I was looking for an institution that valued the patient/nurse relationship and one that had a strong clinical research program and outreach. I felt that UNC met each of these criteria," said Carole.

Carole is a continual learner and enjoys all aspects of oncology nursing. She and her husband moved to NC to be closer to their grandchildren, so of course, they love spending time with them! They also enjoy hiking and traveling to all the wonderful and beautiful areas of North Carolina and the U.S.