New Discoveries in Breast Cancer

Carey Perou HoadleyThe breast cancer research community is abuzz this year with news of a genetic test designed by UNC researchers to help doctors predict which breast cancer patients are most likely to survive the disease and which treatments may be most effective in increasing those chances of survival.

By specifically measuring the activity level of a small subset of the more than 20,000 genes that may be 'turned on' or 'turned off' within each tumor, the test can give patients a more accurate picture of how their disease might progress. The new test is being designed to be performed using a new generation of equipment that will be incorporated into many hospital laboratories.

According to study co-author Charles Perou, Ph.D., associate professor of genetics and pathology at UNC, "Not only can we make good predictions about how a patient might do, but we can also determine predictive markers that tell us which drugs to give patients."

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