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Collaborating to Conquer Cancer: Wrap-up

Close to 150 people attended the UNC Cancer Network's November 30, 2012 conference "Collaborating to Conquer Cancer."

Conference participants represented members of the Clinical Protocol Office, NC Cancer Network sites (25/100 counties in NC), and collaborations within the US (20/50 states). Members of the Ireland Cooperative Oncology Group, a new partnership with the NC Cancer Network, also took part in the conference.

Nine vendors supported the conference and held exhibits: Amgen, Biologics, Celgene, Dendreon, Genentech, Merck, Millennium, Novartis, and Onyx.  In addition, three non-profits displayed exhibits:  the American Cancer Society, Cornucopia House Cancer Support Center, and UNC Health Care. 

This conference was targeted for clinical researchers who are integral to the operation and successful management of clinical research: nurse coordinators, data managers, clinical research associates, regulatory associates, financial managers, administrators, and physicians. This was a nursing accredited conference. View conference agenda.