Tumor Board Help

Use this page for tips and suggestions on how to best use the Telehealth program at your site. Below, you'll find information on how to join tumor boards, use and test your equipment, and take full advantage of Telehealth services. In our FAQs section, you'll find information on getting started with the program and using both Cisco videoconference rooms and Webex to participate in videoconferences.

Information about tumor boards, tumor board schedules, pathology request forms, and the entire information packet for tumor boards can be found at the appropriate links below.


Please see the UNC Cancer Network Tumor Board Schedule.  

 If submitting a request form for consultation, please be sure to redact all Protected Health Information from the documents. Top

For information on the appropriate use of conference rooms on UNC's campus for video conferencing and presentations, click the link of the room you want to learn more about below.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: Do I need to be associated with UNC-CN to use the videoconferencing rooms and equipment?

A: No, anyone may use the videoconferencing rooms and equipment at the UNC-Cancer Hospital.


Q: How do I join a Tumor Board?

A: After your site agreement has been filled out and filed with UNC-CN, simply fill out the tumor board request form. Please make sure to fax the request form in to avoid unnecessary storage of PHI. If you have any questions about the process or how to get started, e-mail 


Q: Do I need to be associated with UNC-CN to present at a tumor board?

A: No, outside clinics/physicians routinely present at weekly tumor boards. As long as your clinic has completed a site agreement to participate, you are free to participate and to present.


Q: How can we get Telehealth compatible equipment at my clinic?

A: UNC Cancer Center staff can come to evaluate your site, and, in some, cases even provide equipment when necessary. Contact for more information.


Q: How much does it cost to be involved with the Telehealth program from UNC-CN?

A: There is no charge or fee for getting involved with the program. Requests for second opinions from UNC Pathology are billed for individual tumor boards, and equipment to start a new site can cost money, though may be provided by UNC-CN.


Technical Help


Q: How do I connect to the videoconference?

A: To begin a session in Webex, simply click the link in your e-mail about the conference. This will start the process, so just follow the directions on screen. Webex is a web-based service, so you will not need to download anything to participate. Click "Attend a Meeting" on the Webex How to Guide for a video walkthrough.


Q: Why am I not broadcasting video?

A: Make sure all cameras and monitors are turned on and fully connected, and make sure to click the camera button to unmute outgoing video. You'll find the button to the right of your name in the sidebar to the right of the page. For a step-by-step video of the process, choose "Share your webcam" on the Webex How to Guide.


Q: How do I present content?

A: To be qualified as a host, you must be given a host code to redeem once you log in to Webex. To present content, simply click the green ball next to the names in the sidebar on the right side of the page and drag it to your name to become the presenter. Alternatively, simply ask the host to transfer presentational ability to you to share your screen for the group to see. Once you are the presenter, select 'Share My Desktop' from the quick start tab to present your content. Find the step-by-step video under "Share my desktop" from the Webex How to Guide.


Q: Why isn't my audio working?

A: Always make sure to turn your computer microphone on and to test the connection at the beginning of each session to ensure that Webex is connected to your audio hardware. Also, to limit background noise and confusion, especially during presentations, all participants entering a video call with the UNC-CN Telehealth network are automatically muted. If your microphone test works at the beginning of the session, you will be able to send audio to the group when it is your turn to present or as the floor is opened up to questions. For a video walkthrough of connecting to a meeting with audio, by phone or by computer, click "Connect to Meeting Audio" on the Webex How to Guide.


Q: Why can I see content and hear presenters, but not see the video feed?

A: Webex as a program prioritizes incoming information to ensure that you always receive the most important, basic information. When a system has limited connectivity to Webex, video will be the last thing transmitted--audio and shared content will be first.


Cisco/Polycom Systems:

If you are using a conference room on the UNC Cancer Center campus, guides for the Renci Room in ITS Manning and Conference Rooms 1 and 2 in the hospital can be found above. The below Q & A will help address problems with the Cisco/polycom systems.


Q: How do I make a call to another room or video endpoint?

A: Each system's touchpad has a 'keypad' icon on the bottom of the screen. Touching this icon will bring up a simple keypad where you can dial the number of the video hub you are trying to reach to connect. Alternatively, you may use the directory or recent calls icons on the keypad screen to select rooms/devices from there; using this feature makes it easy to search for rooms or endpoints without knowing the dial-in number by heart.


Q: How do I show content from my Cisco device?

A: You can only show content once in a videoconference call. After you have initiated a call, to show content, press the icon that says 'content' or 'view pc' on the touchpad, and be sure to press 'present PC' or 'send content' again after that. The first touch icon will bring up your desktop screen, the second will send your activity/desktop to the group.


Q: How do I download Jabber videoconferencing tool on my computer?

A: For PC users, click here to download and run Jabber from Cisco, and follow the instructions in your e-mail for your username and password.

For Mac users, click here to download and run Jabber, and follow the same instructions.



For a directory of sites involved in the Telemedicine Network, click here to download a pdf of participating sites



Please direct further questions to  or call or text 919-445-1000.