Christina Story

When Christina Story started volunteering with “Get Real and Heel,” she saw a need for funding and approached her mother about recommending a grant from her family’s foundation.

When Christina Story ’08 of Atlanta, Ga. was a senior in Exercise and Sport Science at UNC, she learned about “Get Real and Heel,” an innovative program developed by one of her teachers. The program is designed to provide breast cancer patients with individualized exercise and recreational plans to help manage treatment-related symptoms and increase survival rates. A family member of Christina’s had recently undergone chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, and Christina was inspired to volunteer for “Get Real and Heel,” bringing a personal commitment to her training sessions with patients.

During this time, she became aware that funding for the program was limited, and that some qualified patients would be turned away. Christina talked to her mother, Janice, who administers her family’s foundation, and together they recommended a $15,000 grant from the Kulynych Family Foundation so that more patients will be able to “Get Real and Heel.”