Ken and Frankie Lee

Investment in UNC Lineberger an “easy” decision

Ken and Frankie LeeKen and Frankie Lee of Durham, N.C. agree that UNC Lineberger is a great place to invest — but come at it from very different perspectives: Ken is a general partner with Hatteras Venture Partners and Frankie has been treated at UNC for melanoma.

Frankie explains, “Not only is the care exceptional, but there is a warmth you feel, a compassion that you feel that you don’t get other places.” She appreciates the expert care she receives from dermatologist Dr. Nancy Thomas and the technology that Dr. Thomas uses to monitor her patients for changes in their skin or moles. “We were lucky enough to find out about her through UNC Lineberger.”

Ken says, “We had already made a planned gift to UNC, but wanted to do something for UNC Lineberger. My firm invests in start-up medical companies and after seeing all the exciting things happening in cancer research at UNC, deciding to invest in UNC Lineberger’s future was easy.”

He adds, “We’ve lived in California and have visited a number of private and public hospitals. Hospitals are all over the map in terms of their effectiveness and the way they handle patients. UNC is at the top of the heap. They have a ‘squared away-ness’ about them.”

The Lees decided to make their planned gift unrestricted. Frankie says, “We felt like Dr. Earp would know what was the greatest need, so we’ll let him decide.”

Ken concludes, “We have so far to go in cancer. The successes we have had have been really exciting and prove that they have the capability to make a difference. I don’t think you can name a person who hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way. So it’s priority one in terms of medicine. We need to beat cancer and so what better place than Lineberger?”