How to create new users on the LCCC site

Until LDAP/Onyen integration is complete, please use the following to create new users on the Lineberger site.

  1. Go to the following (it will prompt you to log in if you are not already):
  2. Click "Add New User."

    Figure 2: Add new user button

  3. Generate a good password: Open a new tab and go to the following:
  4. Hit "Generate Password."

    Figure 3: Generate Password

  5. Copy the password (CTRL-C or Edit - Copy) and switch back to the tab where you are adding the user to the LCCC site. PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to leave the previous tab, where you generated the password, open.

    Figure 4: Copy Password

  6. Paste the password into the Password and Confirm Password fields.

    Figure 5: Paste Password

  7. Enter all other fields. Leave all group check boxes unchecked and click "Register."
  8. To give the user permissions to a folder, navigate to the folder, hit the "Sharing" tab, search for the user by last name and hit Enter. Once you find them, give them the all permissions (Can add, Can edit, Can read, Can review), leave "Inherit permissions..." checked  and click Save.

    Figure 6: Set Permissions for New User
  9. Notify the user of their username and password. You can go back to the tab in which you generated the password to copy and paste into an e-mail to the user. Once this is complete, you can close the tab.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at 502.609.4711 or at