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 It has always been the goal of the UNC Lineberger BIOS Core to give cancer researchers as much assistance as possible, particularly new and/or junior researchers who may not have well established funding sources.

All projects will be subject to a triaging procedure, where projects for UNC Lineberger members involving grant applications will often receive the highest priority. Consultations which discuss study design and data analyses plans are seldom problematic when it comes to resource allocation, as long as enough time has been allotted for the involved parties to meet, and for follow-up tasks to be completed. Some of these tasks might include standard power and sample size calculations, fundamental or standard statistical analyses for abstracts or manuscripts, and/or write-ups concerning statistical design for grants and/or study protocols.

Projects that require extensive consultation, data collection and management support, statistical programming and/or non-standard statistical methods are more likely to be subject to statistical support limitations. In all cases, efforts will be made to try and find alternative funds and/or statistical support.

Writing in funding for statistical support in grants is strongly encouraged, and is an obvious way to have more control of statistical support for your projects.

All decisions concerning the allocation of BIOS Core resources will be made by Core leadership on a case by case basis. BIOS Core leadership works hand in glove with the BIOS Core Oversight Committee.