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Appointments for a Multidisciplinary Breast Evaluation

Patients or referring physicians can schedule an appointment for a multidisciplinary breast evaluation by calling 984-974-0000.

Multidisciplinary breast cancer evaluations are available Monday through Friday, allowing patients to see a variety of specialists (including radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, and medical oncologists) in one day.

Referrals can also be made for Breast Imaging (e.g. mammography, ultrasound, and MRI) and Reconstructive Surgery as needed.

A wide array of support services are also available including:

Your Medical Records/What to Bring to an Appointment

We will do everything possible to obtain your pertinent medical records before your appointment. These records include clinic notes, operative reports, pathology slides, mammography films and reports from other radiologic procedures such as x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, etc. If you have copies of this information, or can obtain these records prior to your visit, please do so, as it will help us give you a complete evaluation.

Appointments with an Individual Specialist

There are times when an individual appointment with a specialist may be needed. Radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, and medical oncologists, among other specialists, are available Monday – Friday to see patients.

Individual appointments are typically needed for those seeking a second opinion, for transfer of care, for patients who have recently learned their cancer has progressed, and for healthy individuals who are at a high risk for cancer.

If you would like to make an individual appointment with one of these specialists, call 984-974-0000.

Appointments for Reconstructive Surgery

Appointments for reconstructive surgery require a referral from a doctor after your initial visit here. The UNC Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery does not see self-referred patients. For more information, call the UNC Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at 919-966-7732 or visit the division’s website.

Appointments for Mammography

Mammography: To make an appointment for a mammogram, call 984-974-8762.