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The Carolina Cancer Screening Initiative (CCSI) is a multi-disciplinary effort to improve the delivery of evidence-based cancer screening to reduce cancer burden among North Carolinians. Housed in the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, CCSI leverages Lineberger’s expertise in development, testing, and implementation of data-driven interventions to improve cancer screening in practice.

Interdisciplinary Expertise

CCSI has a highly-trained team of health service researchers, epidemiologists, and experts in geospatial analysis and modeling who are dedicated to strengthening the quality of cancer screening in clinical practices. Founded in 2016, the CCSI was catalyzed by evidence of high colorectal cancer mortality in northeast North Carolina, and one of the initial strategic focuses is on addressing colorectal cancer screening disparities in the state. Today, the initiative works with numerous community partners throughout the state to improve cancer outcomes through expanded education and access around screening.