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The Comprehensive Cancer Support Program supports a statewide network to disseminate public health research projects to counties across NC.

The statewide engagement component of the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program supports a statewide network to disseminate public health research projects to counties across NC. The statewide engagement team has a monthly CCSP patient newsletter, where we share information on our cancer support programs, upcoming events, fundraisers and research opportunities available at UNC and across.

North Carolina Cancer Survivorship Professionals Action Network (NCCSPAN)

Five years ago, our team developed NC-CSPAN to facilitate cancer survivorship programs across NC, through a grant from The Duke Endowment. This statewide network consists of health professionals (nurses, health educators, social workers and other cancer support professionals) employed and endorsed by their local cancer organizations, including 9 providers in rural areas. The providers were trained to deliver Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment® (CT to NC cancer survivors and caregivers in their community. Learn more about CT and find a site near you.  Network events include attending an annual continuing education conference focused on various cancer survivorship topics such as diet, exercise, and financial toxicity, as well as, time to network with oncology professionals across NC.

Through The Duke Endowment grant, the CCSP also culturally adapted the Cancer Transitions program for Spanish speaking Latina/o cancer survivors and their families. This new program, ¿Ahora qué? la vida después del tratamiento de cáncer which includes a facilitator guide and patient workbook, is now available through the Cancer Support Community to support Latino/a cancer survivors and caregivers across the country.

By using this dissemination approach to educate health care providers across the state, we directly provide cancer survivors with evidence-based interventions, and create the capacity to deliver additional cancer-related programs in the future.

Susan G. Komen Lymphedema Project

In 2014-2015, the CCSP statewide engagement team conducted a program funded by the Susan G. Komen Triangle to the Coast Affiliate to increase breast cancer patient access to lymphedema (LE) care and education, as well as, professional education and networking for lymphedema therapists across NC. Finally, a Lymphedema: A Self Care Guide booklet were created in partnership with our certified lymphedema therapists. This booklet has been distributed across the state, and we have received many requests for this resource from across the country.

Financial Toxicity

Center for Health Innovation Financial Navigation (FN) Grant

Financial toxicity (FT), a term used to describe the high cost and cost-related emotional/psychosocial burden that cancer care places on patients and their families, is a major and underappreciated problem affecting at least 20% of all cancer patients, with potentially devastating effects on outcomes.

In March of 2018, Dr. Stephanie Wheeler and Dr. Donald Rosenstein were awarded a UNC Healthcare Innovation Grant to deploy a financial navigation (FN) intervention within the NC Cancer Hospital designed to decrease financial toxicity. Financial navigators undergo several weeks of intensive orientation and training on financial issues relevant to cancer patients. Trained financial navigators then provide one-on-one financial distress screening and on-site consultation with patients to determine their eligibility for various financial aid resources and assist with application completion and submission, as well as keep detailed records on patient progress and outcomes. Financial Navigator materials from this project, including training manuals, referral processes, and  forms will be available to NC-CSPAN members in the future.

Statewide Engagement

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