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UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a diverse and representative group of volunteer advisors who want to improve cancer care and reduce health disparities within their communities throughout North Carolina. The CAB will provide their critical perspective to UNC Lineberger leaders to enhance quality and quantity of accessible patient-centered cancer care.

As well-informed advisors, CAB members are routinely solicited for their views and opinions to influence decisions impacting their communities.

UNC Lineberger advocates collaborate with researchers and providers through a Community Advisory Board, a Patient and Family Advisory Council, and a Patient Advocates for Research Council.


The Purpose of the CAB is to advise UNC Lineberger on how to meaningfully engage the community in its cancer research, clinical care, and programmatic efforts to better understand and serve the population’s needs.


  • Identifying facilitators and barriers – for researchers and for the community – to conducting community-informed research, clinical care and programs.
  • Identifying priorities for what the COE Office should do to advance its mission.
  • Communicating UNC and community partners’ successes to external stakeholders across North Carolina.

Members of the Community Advisory Board are asked to serve for minimum of two-years by attending meetings every year and are properly compensated for their time and expertise.

UNC Lineberger Community Advisory Board
Left to right- Front row: Marian Johnson-Thompson, Cathy Huffman, Molly Robinson, Randi Byrd, Pat Peele, Jim Smith, Brenda Jasso Vazquez; Back row: Mary Anderson, Mike Beaudin, Danny Ellis, Alison Krauss, Eva May; Not Pictured: Darlene Leysath, Qua Lynch Adkins, Ernest Watts.

UNC Lineberger Community Advisory Board

For more information regarding the Community Advisory Board, please contact Veronica Carlisle