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Andrea A. Hayes

Professor of Pediatric Surgery and Surgical Oncology
Surgeon-in-Chief of UNC Children’s Hospital
UNC-Chapel Hill
Clinical Research

Area of Interest

Andrea Hayes, MD, FACS, FAAP, is a professor of pediatric surgery and surgical oncology at the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital. She is the Surgeon-in-Chief of the UNC Children’s hospital and the division chief of pediatric surgery at UNC. Hayes has a basic science laboratory which focuses on rare sarcomas and also maintains a clinical research efforts. She specializes in refractory and resistant tumors and children and specifically soft tissue sarcomas and children. Her patient’s request her services from around the world because of the rare diseases she investigates. She was previously the section chief of pediatric surgery at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center.

She has impacted the field of sarcoma and sarcomatosis by amassing the largest number of desmoplastic small round cell tumor DSRCT, patient’s at any one hospital and by any one surgeon. DSRCT is a rare disease for which she has improved a survival from 30% to 60% based on complete removal of 100s of intra-abdominal tumor implants and HIPEC. She continues to receive philanthropic funding for her unique research.

Andrea Hayes-Jordan