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MD, PhD, Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill, Molecular Therapeutics

UNC-Chapel Hill
Molecular Therapeutics

Area of interest

I have studied molecular neuropharmacology for more than 30 years. Most recently, my lab invented the DREADD (Designer Receptor Exclusively Activated by Designer Drug) technology. DREADDs represent a novel synthetic biological tool-kit which enables the non-invasive remote control of neuronal signaling via orthologous ligand-receptor pairs. Since the introduction of the DREADD approach in 2007, we have shared this technology with nearly 300 different labs around the world. My lab also pioneered a novel chemical biological platform we refer to as ‘receptorome profiling’ which allows my lab (and our many collaborators) to identify molecular targets for novel biological entities across a large number of neuronal molecular targets. Over the past 3.5 years, via the shared resources of the National Institute of Mental Health’s Psychoactive Drug Screening Program (NIMH-PDSP) we have collaborated with nearly 400 labs world-wide.

Awards and Honors

PhRMA Foundation Excellence in Pharmacology Award (2011); Irving Page Lecture, Serotonin Club Meeting, Montreal 2010; Lowenthal Lecture, Medical College of Virginia Neurosciences Symposium 2010; Plenary Lecturer Medical University of South Carolina Neurosciences Retreat (2009); NARSAD Distinguished Investigator Award (2008); Michael Hooker Distinguished Professor, UNC Chapel Hill (2007-); Plenary Lecturer, Roche Pharmaceuticals Global Research, Palo Alto (2007); Prestige Lecture Université de Montréal (2007); SG Fergusson Memorial Lecture (Robarts Institute) 2006;Chauncy Leake Memorial Lecturer (Univ Texas Medical Branch) 2005; Yale BSTP Distinguished Lecturer 2005;NARSAD Independent Investigator 1998-2000; Heffter Research Institute 1999 Award for Outstanding Basic Science Research; National Institute of Mental Health Career Development Award (KO2 1996-2006); Sandoz Investigator (NARSAD) 1993-1994; NARSAD Young Investigator 1992-1994; Dana Foundation Fellowship in Neurosciences (Stanford University) 1989-1991; ACNP Travel Fellow 1990; Phi Beta Kappa 1983; March of Dimes Research Fellowship 1977

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