Jennifer Elston Lafata

PhD, Cancer Prevention and Control Program; professor in the Division of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Prevention and Control

Area of interest

Lafata’s research centers on how the engagement of patients can facilitate the delivery and receipt of evidence-based preventive care, particularly in the context of cancer prevention and control. This research has been instrumental to our understanding of how to improve office-based colorectal cancer screening discussions and to the relationship between the content of these discussions and patients’ use of recommended screening services. She has participated in a number of NCI-funded practice-based trials evaluating interventions to improve colorectal cancer screening in primary care as well as those evaluating the appropriateness of using claims data to study the care delivered to cancer survivors. Through these and other efforts, she has extensive experience working with delivery organizations to develop, implement and evaluate interventions designed to improve cancer control and routine chronic care management.

Awards and Honors

  • 1985 Delta Omega, National Public Health Honor Society, The University of North Carolina.
  • 1986 Foster McGaw Scholarship Award.
  • 1989-92 National Institute of Aging (NIA) Predoctoral Traineeship, The University of Michigan.
  • 2014 Outstanding Departmental Teacher Award in Health Sciences Education, Virginia
  • Commonwealth University

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