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Professor, Department of Epidemiology
UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Epidemiology

Area of Interest

I have been involved in the initiation of cancer research projects internationally. In collaboration with Dr. Robert Bailey at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and Dr. Stephen Moses at the University of Manitoba, we are investigating the prevalence and risk factors for HPV infection in a cohort of approximately 2,500 young men in Kisumu, Kenya, in addition to assessing the influence of male circumcision on the natural history of penile HPV infection. Although men are certainly important in the transmission of HPV infection to their female partners, the prevalence of HPV infection among men and risk factors for persistence are poorly understood. In Nairobi, Kenya, I am currently initiating a supplemental study to an ongoing cohort study of high-risk women in collaboration with Dr. Craig Cohen from the University of Washington in order to investigate the natural history of HPV infection and cervical neoplasia among women in relation to co-existent sexually transmitted infections and HIV. I am interested in conducting research on infectious agents in the etiology of other cancer sites, such as prostate in collaboration with Dr. Elio Riboli as part of the IARC EPIC project.

As a recently appointed junior faculty member in the Department of Epidemiology at UNC, I am particularly interested in being involved in establishing collaborative research projects with other departmental colleagues in the immediate future, and in the longer-term future, I aim to become an independent, field-based epidemiologist of cancer/reproductive health research, and an active, contributing member of the UNC department of epidemiology. I would eventually like to establish an independent, solid research program as a faculty member that bridges issues of infections agents and cancer.

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