Jenny P. Ting

PhD, Microbiology and Immunology, UNC-Chapel Hill, Immunology

Microbiology and Immunology
UNC-Chapel Hill

Area of interest

Our laboratory has broad interest in the application of cutting edge ideas and technology to the study of disease-relevant issues. Major directions include inflammation, oxidative-stress, signal transduction, gene discovery, functional genomics and proteomics, gene regulation, molecular immunology, cancer research and neuro-inflammation. These divergent studies are incorporated into four major directions relying heavily on gene profiling, 2D gel-mass spectroscopy and proteome analysis, gene-ablation in mice and RNA interference. These new approaches are integrated with traditional approaches employed to study signal transduction, transcription, protein-interaction and modification, coupled with biologic studies to understand innate and adaptive immunity in diseases such as infection, inflammation and cancer. Trainees typically are exposed to an enormous repertoire of expertise and approaches, and they are highly competitive after graduation.

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