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RN, PhD, Associate Professor, Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill, Cancer Prevention and Control

Associate Professor, Nursing; Beerstecher-Blackwell Distinguished Term Scholar
UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Prevention and Control

Area of Interest

Song’s research is focused on improving survivorship care for patients with cancer and their family caregivers, particularly outcomes such as quality of life and symptoms of patients. Song’s program of research includes four primary areas of investigation:

  1. Stress and coping process and outcomes in cancer patients and family members.
  2. Use of technology to develop and deliver tailored interactive interventions with the intent of enhancing supportive care during post-cancer treatment care transition from hospital to outpatient settings.
  3. Communication among cancer patient, family members, and healthcare provider and decision making.
  4. Cancer-related health disparities.

Song has led interventions using mHealth technology to improve dissemination of proven efficacious programs and to provide access to effective evidence-based supportive care for cancer survivors and their family caregivers. Song’s research has been funded by the National Institute for Nursing Research and National Cancer Institute.

Awards and Honors

  • Fellow of American Academy of Nursing
  • 2009 Award of National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations, INC (NCEMA) 5th National Conference ?Creating Research Careers: Leading the Way?
  • 2009 Critical Difference Grant, University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women
  • 2009 Nominated for the Best Paper Award, 16th Annual Conference of International Society for Quality of Life Research
  • 2007 First place in area of family research at 9th National Conference on Cancer Nursing Research, Hollywood, CA (First author: Mood, DM)
  • 2002 BCBS-Michigan Foundation Excellence in Research Award (First author: Yu, MY)

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