Marissa Hall

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

I am a behavioral scientist with expertise in the design and evaluation of policy solutions to improve health. Much of my research focuses on the impact of graphic cigarette pack warnings on both intended and unintended outcomes. A new line of my research focuses on evaluating the impact of front-of-package food labels.

Selected Publications

  1. Hall MG, Sheeran P, Noar SM, Boynton MH, Ribisl KM, Parada H, Johnson TO, Brewer NT. (2017). Negative affect, message reactance and perceived risk: how do pictorial cigarette pack warnings change quit intentions? Tobacco Control.
  2. Hall MG, Sheeran P, Noar SM, Ribisl KM, Bach LE, Brewer NT. (2016). Reactance to health warnings scale: Development and validation. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 50(5):736-750.
  3. Brewer NT, Hall MG, Noar SM, Parada H, Stein-Seroussi A, Bach LE, Hanley S, Ribisl KM. (2016). Effect of pictorial cigarette pack warnings on changes in smoking behavior: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(7):905-912.
  4. Noar SM, Hall MG, Francis DB, Ribisl KM, Pepper JK, Brewer NT. (2016). Pictorial cigarette pack warnings: A meta-analysis of experimental studies. Tobacco Control, 25(3):341-354.
  5. Hall MG, Fleischer NL, Reynales-Shigematsu LM, Arillo-Santill√°n E, Thrasher JF. (2015). Increasing availability and consumption of single cigarettes: Trends and implications for smoking cessation from the ITC Mexico Survey. Tobacco Control, 24 Suppl 3:iii64-iii70.
  6. Hall MG, Ribisl KM, Brewer NT. Smokers’ and nonsmokers’ beliefs about harmful tobacco constituents: Implications for FDA communication efforts. (2014). Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 16(3):343-50.

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Mentors: Noel Brewer, PhD and Barry Popkin, PhD