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Predoctoral Fellow
Health Behavior

Research Interests

My research interests involve patient-provider communication related to HPV vaccination. My dissertation is examining the role of provider recommendations in geographic disparities in HPV vaccination as well as how providers can effectively respond to parents who refuse or delay HPV vaccination.

Selected Publications

  • Margolis, M.A., Austin, J., Wu, L., Valdimarsdottir, H., Stanton, A.L., Rowley, S.D., Munshi, P.N., & Rini, C. (In press). Effects of Social Support Source and Effectiveness on Stress Buffering after Stem Cell Transplant. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 2019 Aug; 26(4).
  • Gilkey, M.B., Parks, M.J., Margolis, M.A., McRee, A.L., Terk, J.V. Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve HPV Vaccine Delivery. Pediatrics. 2019 Jul;144(1).
  • Gilkey, M.B. & Margolis, M.A. Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage Gaps in Young Adolescents. International Journal of Infectious Disease. 2019 Jan;220(5).
  • Margolis, M.A., Brewer, N.T., Shah, P.D., Calo, W.A., Gilkey, M.B. Stories about HPV vaccine in social media, traditional media, and conversations. Preventive Medicine. 2018 Nov; 118; 251-256.
  • Shah, P.D., Calo, W.A., Gilkey, M.B., Boynton, M.H., Alton Dailey, S., Robichaud, M., Margolis, M.A., Brewer, N.T. Questions and concerns about HPV vaccination: A communication experiment with U.S. parents. Pediatrics. 2019 Jan; 143(2).
  • Farel, C.E., Golin, C.E., Ochtera, R.D., Rosen, D.L., Margolis, M.A., Powell, W., Wohl, D.A. (In press). Underutilization of HIV testing among men with incarceration histories. AIDS and Behavior, 23(4):883-892
  • Brenner, A. T., Malo, T. L., Margolis, M., Lafata, J. E., James, S., Vu, M. B., & Reuland, D. S. (2018). Evaluating shared decision making for lung cancer screening. JAMA Internal Medicine, 178(10):1311-1316.
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  • Elek, E., Harris, S. L., Squire, C. M., Margolis, M. A., Webber, M., Dang, E. P., & Mitchell, B. (2013). Women’s knowledge, views, and experiences regarding alcohol use and pregnancy: Opportunities to improve health messages. American Journal of Health Education44(4), 177–190.


Melissa Gilkey