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Matthew Breen

PhD, Professor, NC State University, Cancer Genetics

Professor, Genomics
NC State University
Cancer Genetics

Area of Interest

The research of Matthew Breen, PhD, focuses on genomics, genome mapping and the comparative aspects of canine cancer. In addition his lab is using high throughput molecular cytogenetics for anchoring emerging genome assemblies and for evaluating the changes to genome structure that occur during speciation. The lab is also developing new molecular assays for diagnostic and prognostic use in veterinary medicine.

Awards and Honors

  • Asa Mays Award for Excellence in Canine Health Research, 2007
  • NCSU Alumni Outstanding Research Award, 2006
  • Pfizer Award for Excellence in Veterinary Research (NCSU), 2006
  • Faculty Professional Research and Development Award (NCSU), 2004
  • Sir W. H. Tate University Undergraduate Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Science, 1986

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