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Mauro Calabrese, PhD, is a UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center member studying genomics.

Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Director of Graduate Studies, Pharmacology
Co-Director, UNC RNA Discovery Center
UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Genetics

Area of Interest

Research in the Calabrese lab aims to understand how long noncoding RNAs control transcription in the mammalian genome. Projects in the lab focus on: mechanisms of RNA-mediated recruitment of Polycomb complexes to chromatin, mechanisms of gene silencing by Xist and Xist-like lncRNAs, mechanisms of lncRNA homeostasis with relation to gene control in cancer, discovery of novel regulatory RNAs, control of lncRNA regulatory function through cellular signaling pathways, the emergence of regulatory function in lncRNAs, and the development of methods to predict relationships between lncRNA sequence and function. The lab uses a combination of genomics, genetics, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, and computational biology to achieve its research objectives.

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