Piotr A. Mieczkowski

Research Associate Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Genetics

Area of interest

My scientific background is in the areas of DNA repair, recombination, replication, eukaryotic genome stability and DNA structural organization. I have been investigating in various aspects of genome stability and DNA repair using standard genetics methodology, next generation sequencing and microarray technology. As a postdoctoral fellow at UNC I was involved in construction of the microarray printer and developed methodology for analysis of copy number variances in model organisms. I used this methodology during my research at Duke University. In early stage of evolution of next generation sequencing I was interested in developing this new technology applied to genome stability and mutagenesis research. I laid the groundwork for methodology and workflow used by UNC High Throughput Sequencing Facility and development of applications for amplicon sequencing and metagenomics. I am part of many projects that use next generation sequencing as a primary tool for research. As Director of UNC High Throughput Sequencing Facility I have gained experience in experimental design for large format sequencing projects. Additionally, having access to state-of-the-art high throughput sequencing platforms (NovaSeq, HiSeq4000, Ion Proton, GridION) allows us to develop and test new assays for variety of research and clinical applications.