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Russell Broaddus, MD, PhD, is a UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center member with a research focus on the molecular pathogenesis of endometrial cancer.

Joe W. & Evelyn M. Grisham Distinguished Professor
Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Genetics

Area of Interest

My research lab focuses on the molecular pathogenesis of endometrial cancer, the most common gynecologic cancer in the Western world. Current projects include developing molecular diagnostics for predicting endometrial cancer histotype, stage, and recurrence developing clinical and lab-based algorithms for the identification of patients with hereditary endometrial cancer (Lynch Syndrome), discovering novel molecular mediators of endometrial cancer invasion and metastasis, and identifying novel signaling pathways important in the pathogenesis of endometrial cancer.

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Headshot of Russell Broaddus.