Tina Shaban

Patient and Family Resource Center, CCSP

Tina Shaban, coordinator of the Patient and Family Resource Center since 2002, knows so many UNC patients and families that it’s hard for her to get anywhere quickly.

By listening to our families regarding their life issues surrounding their cancer treatment, we have been able to institute programs that address their concerns and provide education, support, and encouragement throughout the process. Through the generous support of our North Carolina communities, we have been able to offer all programs and services at no charge to our patients and families.”

“My background in oncology nursing, as well as my personal family experience, give me the tools to serve as a strong patient advocate for our families – going to bat for the support and care they need and deserve.”
Shaban, a certified oncology nurse, began her nursing career in pediatric oncology and was immediately inspired by the tremendous strength, courage and resiliency of her young patients. “I felt drawn to a profession that allowed me to care for others,” she explains, “and nursing was the answer. Ask most oncology nurses and they will tell you they would not want to do anything else.”