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PhD, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, UNC-Chapel Hill, Clinical Research

Radiology, Biomedical Engineering
UNC-Chapel Hill
Clinical Research

Awards and Honors

SMRM Student Scholarship, 1991,1993; Co-Chairperson Workshop organizing committee on “Quantitative Flow Magnetic Resonance Imaging”, 1995; Honorable Mention for the Robert G. Siekert Young Investigator Award in Stroke, 1996; NINDS Neuro A Ad Hoc Member, Oct 1996; NINDS BDCN-l Ad Hoc Member, Jun 1998 – Nov 2002, Member Feb 2003 – present; NINDS BDCN-6 Ad Hoc Member, Aug, 2000 – present; NINDS BDCN3 Ad Hoc Member, March, 200 I-present; AHA Bugher Foundation Study Section, member, 1999; AHA StrokelBrain study section, member, 1999-2003; Member of Steering Committee for International MR Angio Club, 1996-present; Member of Program Committee, Workshop on Flow and Motion in Cardiovascular MR!, 1998-1999; Associated editor, CP-MRI; Member, Subcommitte on Young Investigator Awards, ISMRM, 2000; Co-Chair, Workshop on Understanding the BOLD Phenomena and its application, 1999-2000. Associate Editor, CPMRI, 1999-present; Editor, Special Issue on FMR!, NMR in Biomedicine, 2000; Member, NINDS, Stroke Progress Group, 2001.

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