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William Kim, MD, is a UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center member involved with clinical research, the urologic oncology program and the cancer genetics program. The Kim Lab studies the genetics of bladder and kidney cancers.

Rush S. Dickson Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Co-Leader, UNC Lineberger Cancer Genetics Research Program
UNC-Chapel Hill
Urologic Oncology Program
Cancer Genetics, Clinical Research

Meet William Kim

Area of Interest

Kim is a laboratory-based physician-scientist. Clinically, Kim takes care of patients with genitourinary malignancies.

The Kim Laboratory studies the genetics and cancer biology underlying the initiation and progression of bladder and kidney cancers. The Kim Lab uses in vitro methods as well as patient derived xenograft tumors and genetically engineered murine (GEM) models of cancer. Kim co-directs UNC’s Mouse Phase 1 Unit (MP1U) and is involved in the Next Gen sequencing of both human cancer genomes as the interim Director for Precision Oncology for UNC Lineberger.

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Awards and Honors

  • Rush S. Dickson Distinguished Professor, 2015
  • Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) Innovation Award, 2014
  • Elected member, the American Society of Clinical Investigation (ASCI), 2014
  • AACR, Kure It, Grant for Kidney Cancer Research, 2012
  • University Cancer Research Fund, Innovation Award, 2010
  • DOD Prostate Cancer, Physician Research Training Award, 2010
  • Damon Runyon, Clinical Investigator Award, 2009
  • Joan’s Legacy Lung Cancer Foundation Award, 2008
  • DOD Prostate Cancer New Investigator Award, 2008
  • Harvard Medical School Scholars in Medicine Award, 2003
  • ASCO Young Investigator Award, 2002
  • White Prize, for study in Economics, Wesleyan University, 1992
  • Howard Hughes Research Fellow, Wesleyan University, 1991

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