Yevgeny Brudno

Dr. Brudno is a member of the Lineberger Cancer Center and faculty at the Joint Biomedical Engineering Department at UNC-Chapel Hill and NCSU-Raleigh.

Assistant Professor
Joint Biomedical Engineering Department
UNC-Chapel Hill and NCSU-Raleigh
Molecular Therapeutics

Area of interest

The Brudno labs develops technologies to deliver drugs to disease sites, sparing patients from gruesome and toxic side effects. We exploits cutting edge chemical, biomaterial and nanomedicine technologies to understand physiological responses during disease and regeneration and fulfill critical unmet needs in the clinic. A recent success included the first technology to non-invasively replenishment drug-releasing devices and surfaces deep in the body. This widely applicable method allows for repeated, local and controlled release of therapeutic factors in a wide range of diseases, with wide applicability in drug and cell delivery and regenerative medicine. We put special focus on cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy, delivery to the brain, and cell therapy, but are broadly interested in transforming how diseases are treated or cured. Our lab is also active in commercializing the our technologies for clinical applications.

Awards and Honors

  • 2011 Wyss Institute Fellowship
  • 2008 Louis and Mary Fieser Award for Graduate Research

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