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UNC Pharmacy Assistance Program

Pharmacy financial assistance requires a separate application. See the pharmacy counselor at the main pharmacy, located on the ground floor of the NC Cancer Hospital.

You can also ask the financial assistance counselor, social worker, or look online for other resources that can help you such as:

  • The Assist Fund provides financial support to chronically ill patients with high-cost medications. Telephone number: (855) 845-3663
  • Good Days provides financial support by covering co-pays for those with life-altering conditions. Telephone number: (877) 968-7233
  • Needy Meds is dedicated to helping people locate assistance programs to help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs. Telephone number: (800) 503-6897
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients who lack prescription drug coverage obtain the medications they need.
  • The Patient Access Network Foundation assists patients with out-of-pocket costs associated with their treatment. Telephone number: (866) 316-7263
  • Patient Services, Inc. provides assistance with insurance premiums and co-payments for people with chronic diseases. Telephone number: (800) 366-7741
  • helps patients obtain free or low-cost prescription medications.
  • Medication assistance programs grid for patients (PDF), which is compiled, updated, and generously provided by Wendalyn Andrews, Practice Manager, Division of Hematology/Oncology, The University of Arizona Cancer Center, Tucson, Arizona. (Last updated: November 2016)