NanoString Services

gPATH provides an assortment of analysis services employing the NanostringTM platform. These include gene expression, miRNA expression, CNV, single cell expression, incRNA expression, Chip-String and RNA:Protein profiling. NanostringTM supplies custom and off-the-shelf assays for various groups of target genes including immunology, inflammation, and pan cancer panels offering pathway, immune and progression profiling. gPATH maintains an nCounter Prep Station which can process 12 post-hybridization samples every 3 hours. An nCounter digital analyzer can sequentially scan up to 6 cartridges of 12 samples each. Data is provided to the client for analysis. LCCC Bioinformatics also can provide NanostringTM analysis services.

For a free consulation prior to project initiation please contact the gPATH laboratory (

Sample Submission Requirements:

1. New Projects/First Time Users - gPATH recommends a consultation prior to initiating a NanoString-based project. Please also see the NanoString Sample Submission Information.

2. Clients should complete and email the NanoString Sample Submission Form to Gary Rosson ( or gPATH ( prior to sample delivery.

3. Unless other arrangements have been made, clients should supply hybridization ready samples to gPATH (Room. 5118A, Marsico Hall) as follows:

  • Gene Expression: RNA diluted to 10 or 20 ng/μl in a total volume of no less than 7-8 μl/sample in flat top PCR tubes. The gPATH NanoString has been upgraded to use a total input of 50 ng of sample per run (10 ng/μl) instead of the 100 ng previously required.
  • miRNA: 10 μl of miRNA sample.
  • CNV: Varies. Contact gPATH for specifics.
  • miRGE: 5 μl of a 33 ng/ul dilution of sample RNA. Contact gPATH for additional fee requirements.
  • IncRNA, Single Cell Analysis, Chip-String, Leukemia Fusion Gene Expression and other cancer panels. Contact gPATH for specifics.

Regardless of procedure requested , please provide:

  1. nCounter Cartridge (1 per 1-12 samples) - Deliver on dry ice.
  2. Reporter Codeset (1 tube per 1-12 samples) - Deliver on dry ice.
  3. Capture Probeset (1 tube per 1-12 samples) - Deliver on dry ice.
  4. nCounter Reagent Plates (1 per 1-6 samples) - Deliver on ice.
  5. nCounter Prep Pack (if not already stored at gPATH) - Deliver at room temperature.
  6. NString-provided USB flash drive.
  7. Specific reagents/kits for pre-hybridization preparation process.
  8. Completed Sample Sheet send electronically.

For additional information on NanoString Technologies, assays, and available off-the-shelf or custom designed codesets see