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Tissue Processing

Process Cost Per Sample
Isolation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) $135
Isolation of Myeloid and Lymphoid Cells from PBMCs or Bone Marrow $180
Thawing a cyovial of PBMCs $150
Tumor & Non-tumor Tissue Dissociation $317
Pleural Fluid Processing $411
Enrichment or Depletion of a single Cell Phenotype $344
Isolation of Leukapheresis PBMCs $377


Nucleic Acid Isolation

Process Cost Per Batch of 1-8 Samples
DNA isolation and QC $84/batch + $31/sample
RNA isolation and QC $84/batch + $35/sample
DNA and RNA isolation and QC $84/batch + $43/sample
Isolation and QC of Buccal Swab DNA $84/batch +$31/sample
Cost Per Sample
PaxGene whole blood DNA isolation and QC $195


Cytometric Immunophenotyping

Process Cost Per Sample
T cell phenotyping $384
Tumor-infiltrating T regulatory cell phenotyping $990
B cell phenotyping $435
Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cell phenotyping $894
T, B, Myeloid, Dendritic & Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cell phenotyping $929
Cytof Whole blood immune cell phenotyping $913


Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation

Process Cost Per Sample
10X Genomics single cell library preparation $1900
TruSeq RNA Exome (Formerly RNA Access) library preparation $497
Nextera Flex Whole Exome library preparation $471


Immune Function and Tumor Microenvironment Assays

Process Cost Per Sample
Luminex cytokine and chemokine assay $158
Elispot assay (PBMC isolation, cryopreservation & thaw) $299
PBMC Proliferation Assay $700


IMGF Bioinformatics

Process Cost Per Library
IMGF Bioinformatic sequence analysis $181