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Looking for ways to improve your health and well-being following a cancer diagnosis? If so, integrative medicine may be a good way to start.

What is Integrative Medicine and how can it help individuals affected by cancer?

  • Integrative medicine is offered as a complementary approach to care along with or following conventional cancer treatments.
  • Integrative medicine offers multiple treatment approaches and strategies that are safe and effective for relieving conventional treatment side effects such as pain, fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety.
  • Programs and services are intended to help support individuals to achieve an optimal state of well-being before, during, and after cancer treatments.


Please email us at or contact Carly Bailey at or (919) 445-4255.

Integrative Medicine Services

These services are made available through the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Support Program.

Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

Consultations provide education on strategies that may reduce risk for cancer recurrence, development of new cancers, or other chronic illnesses.

The Audio Companion

A 10-part audio series with simple self-care practices for mental and physical well-being during cancer treatment.

Massage Therapy

Massage relieves muscle tension and discomfort, reduces pain and swelling, and stimulates healing. It can also decrease stress, and fatigue, assist the body in achieving greater flexibility and increases circulation.

Our practitioner is a licensed massage therapist with special training in treating patients with cancer.

Mindful Moments

One-on-one remote mindfulness practice using guided imagery, relaxation, and mindfulness meditation to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia.


Yoga reduces stress, improves, insomnia, decreases fatigue and eases the side effects of cancer treatment.

Join us for a slow-paced, deeply relaxing free class for all people touched by cancer and their caregivers.

Private Yoga Classes

Some people prefer to learn in a one on one setting as opposed to being in a group. This can be true for those who are not available to meet at group class times, need an introduction to yoga, would like to tailor make a personal practice, need accountability to incorporate yoga into their regular self-care habits, or would like to learn more about yoga at their own pace.

Yoga Training Programs

Are you interested in channeling your passion and skill into helping someone feel better during a difficult time? We offer several training opportunities to teach yoga to cancer patients, survivors and/or caregivers.

UNC-Affiliated Programs


Acupuncture is being used in the care of cancer patients to help alleviate pain, fatigue, hot flashes and dry mouth after radiation as well as post-operative chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting.


The UNC Mindfulness-based Program for Stress and Pain Management offers training in meditation and mind-body awareness that will teach you how to slow down, set priorities and stay calm, focused and relaxed in the midst of a busy life. These practices will enhance your body’s natural adaptive healing ability and will cultivate the mind’s clarity and insight.

More Integrative Medicine at UNC Health Care

For other UNC locations offering Integrative Medicine, such as biofeedback, massage, Tai Chi, yoga and more.

Additional Resources

For more information about Integrative Medicine and Complementary therapies (CAM) in general and related resources, see these other integrative medicine resources.

Integrative Medicine Director

Integrative Medicine Team