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Yoga teachers know that yoga classes are a way people can participate in their health and well-being and be part of a supportive community. Additionally, you may find yoga students who have been affected by cancer want to join your classes.

Patients work with a trainer to hold yoga poses

We are currently accepting applications from yoga teachers interested in learning more about how to work with yoga students affected by cancer. If you are a yoga therapist (C-IAYT) or yoga teacher (YRT200, YRT500) and would like to deepen your skills to work with this population of yoga students, we have developed a mentorship program for you.

Through the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program, we provide specialized yoga classes to people affected by cancer. These group classes are taught by yoga therapists who have experience with the many challenges that cancer brings and the ways that yoga can be helpful.

For this program, mentees will observe, participate in, and eventually lead yoga classes for cancer patients and survivors. Additional work outside of class will include focused reading and writing on topics of special interest determined by you and your mentor.

Participants in the yoga mentorship program can expect to deepen their understanding of yoga and group classes, the physical and emotional benefits of yoga to cancer patients and survivors, and the value of non-asana approaches for this population.

Mentorship program duration can be tailored based on mentee learning goals. Program costs will be based on mentorship duration.

For more information or to apply, please contact Carly Bailey at

About the Instructor

Kathy Therber, E-RYT 500

Kathy is a trusted and respected professional with a robust and successful career as yoga teacher for 13 years. She has experience working with cancer survivors and caregivers, medical studies, military, wellness organizations, and fitness centers, including the UNC Get Real and Heel program. She is known for exceptional approachability and an understanding of adapting classes to meet the abilities of participants. Kathy will embrace you where you are at and has years of experience, including working with cancer survivors.

Kathy brings with her 20 years of a personal practice, 10 years of yoga teaching, a cancer diagnosis with subsequent treatment and recovery, and recovery from chronic low back pain. Kathy Therber, an E-RYT 500, Registered Yoga Therapist, started practicing yoga in 1992 in San Francisco, California. After a car accident left her with continued back pain, yoga provided relief. To this day yoga remains an essential part of her life for staying active, healthy, and pain-free. The stress relief and restorative nature of yoga continues to help Kathy every day since her diagnosis. Her inspiration to grow in the practice of yoga comes from students. Kathy is committed to passing on the teachings of yoga and helping students acquire a well-rounded understanding and practice.