This page provides guidelines, instructions, and a timeline to aid you when submitting an F32.

**Add all of these deadlines to your calendar now, especially the routing deadline.
**TIP – if you are resubmitting a grant, make sure to read the new instructions as they can often change in that short window


12 Weeks Out:

10 Weeks Out:

  • Determine if you have and eRA Commons username – if you are unsure see here
  • Make sure your eRA Commons role is set to PI, if this is not the case please email Lori Saddler to have this corrected.

8 Weeks Out:

  • Set up a meeting time with your grant administrator who can help familiarize you with Cayuse
  • Log into Cayuse and download the application for PA-16-307 (Click opportunities, then enter the PA number)
  • Delegate administrator-level access to your grant submission administrator
  • Contact your referees and share the directions for submitting a letter with them

7-2 Weeks Out:

2 Weeks Out:

  • Visit the Program Announcement page and the Application Guidelines online to make sure there have been no updates/changes during this time
  • Finalize all documents required for routing
  • Ensure all documents are formatted correctly
  • Work with your grant submission administrator to create your IPF and answer the questions related to biohazards, animal and human subjects, patents, etc
  • Check to see if your referees have sent in their letters, remind them of the deadline if they have not

1 Week Out:

  • Convert all documents required for routing to PDF then upload to your Cayuse application and send a PDF copy of the application to your grant submission administrator to be routed through the university
  • Your PI must sign off on the application via RAMSeS – make sure they are available and have access to internet

2 Days Out

  • Finalize all documents, convert to PDF and upload to your application
  • Let your grant submission administrator know your grant is complete, they will review the entire package before letting the grant reviewer know the package is completed for review

1 Day Out:

  • Receive communication from the grant reviewer
  • Make any changes requested, or verify the grant is complete
  • Submit by 5pm on the day before the deadline to allow time for any errors to be worked out, this allows time for the grant to go through all 3 portals to get to the NIH, grants have previously gotten hung up in the middle of this process due to margin errors related to headers and footers, page size change during PDF conversion, etc.

Day of grant deadline:

  • Be ready to review grant on eRA Commons by noon, to verify everything made it through the portals properly. Occasionally figures can get distorted in this process and admin staff are unable to identify these changes.