Answers to frequently asked questions for submitting postdoctoral fellowships.

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Who is my grant’s submission administrator?
How do I know if I have an eRA Commons username?
I don’t have an eRA Commons username; how do I get one?
How do my references submit my letters?
What documents are required for routing?
How do I format my documents for an NIH grant?
What is an IPF?
What is Cayuse, and how is it different than the IPF?

Who is my grant’s submission administrator?

If you are a trainee on the ITCMS T32, your grants administrator is listed below, if you are not an ITCMS trainee and are in a lab listed under Cindy Hoffmeier contact your PI to find out who your administrator is.

Cindy Hoffmeier
3rd FloorAdmin Suite Shawn Ahmed, Nancy Allbritton, Victoria Bautch, Keith Burridge, Sharon Campbell, Richard Cheney, Frank Conlon, Jean Cook, Channing Der, Henrik Dohlman, Bob Duronio, Stephen Frye, Victor Garcia-Martinez, Bob Goldstein, Jack Griffith, Klaus Hahn, Neil Hayes, Brian Kuhlman, Stanley Lemon, Terry Magnuson, Gregg Matera, Mark Peifer, Matthew Redinbo, Jude Samulski, Jeff Sekelsky, John Sondek, Brian Strahl, Lishan Su, Kevin Weeks, Elizabeth Wilson, Yanping Zhang
Veronica Calvage
2nd Floor Admin Suite Ron Swanstrom
Jennifer Dostert
5th Floor Marsico Hall John Serody
Verita Hinton
3rd Floor Admin Suite Blossom Damania, Dirk Dittmer, Cary Moody, Nancy Raab-Traub, Buddy Weissman
Deborah Lee
2nd Floor Admin Suite Al Baldwin, Yue Xiong
Susan Lucas
1st Floor Main Admin Office Chuck Perou
Jennifer McFarland
2nd Floor Admin Suite Jenny Ting
Lissa Mohr
3rd Floor Admin Suite Ben Major
Becky Muller
2nd Floor Admin Suite Jim Bear, Ian Davis, Shelly Earp, William Kim, Ned Sharpless, Jen Jen Yeh
Bonnie Parks
3rd Floor Admin Suite Joseph Pagano, Dale Ramsden
  • If you are an ITCMS trainee, please let the Program Administrative Coordinator, , know you are submitting a grant even if you are working with someone else on the submission

How do I know if I have an eRA Commons username?

  • If you have previously applied for an NIH grant or have been on an NIH training grant you already have this username. You should be able to see your username on the digital submission of your grant.
  • If you have been paid on an NIH grant in recent years you most likely have one.
  • If you think you have a username but don’t know what it is, contact for help tracking it down.

I don’t have an eRA Commons username; how do I get one?

How do my references submit my letters?

  • For an NIH grant the referees independently submit letters through eRA Commons, you can send them these instructions to guide them in the submission process. Make sure to send them the required information indicated in the guide.
  • List your referees in your cover letter, this no longer should be included as an “other attachment”

What documents are required for routing?

  • Title
  • Budget
  • Abstract
  • Project Narrative
  • Facilities and Other Resources
  • Equipment
  • Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Information
  • Cover Letter
  • Biosketches for applicant and mentor
  • I also recommend getting anything “easy” out of the way ahead of time, so you can focus your final efforts on getting your research strategy perfect. This could include Responsible Conduct of Research, Selection of Sponsor and Institution, Description of Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training, etc.

How do I format my documents for an NIH grant?

  • File names are should be formatted like FacilitiesOtherResources or SmithBiosketch with no spaces or special characters, each new word should be capitalized, names only included for documents replicated for multiple people (like Biosketches)
  • Arial 11pt font, 0.5 inch margins
  • All headings/margins/fonts should be consistent across every document in the application
  • Do not include headers, footers, or page numbers on any of the pages

What is an IPF?

  • An IPF is an internal processing form, this is created in RAMSeS
  • Your IPF will be created by your grants submission administrator, who will need answers from you to many questions regarding hazardous materials, patents, etc. You also need to make sure your PI is available to approve the IPF online when your grant is routed (1 week out from the deadline).

What is Cayuse, and how is it different than the IPF?

  • Cayuse
  • When using Cayuse, you can download your grant application using the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) number (PA, PAR, RFA). Once you have downloaded your application make sure to delegate administrator access to your grants submission administrator.
  • Cayuse allows you to create a PDF of your full application (using the print button) this is what you will share with your grants submission administrator to be included with your IPF.