The ITCMS program offers a wide variety of training opportunities to enhance the postdoctoral experience for all trainees. Please see below for a list of program requirements and links to further information.

Training Requirements:

Mentoring Committee

  • A mentoring committee, consisting of the mentor and at least 2 additional relevant PIs whom the trainee believes will benefit their career growth, must meet bi-annually to discuss the trainee’s goals and progress

Individual Fellowship Applications

  • Trainees must show significant effort towards obtaining independent support, by applying to more than one fellowship in their first year on the grant
  • For information about grant opportunities, please see our funding opportunities page
  • For more information about the grant submission process please see How to Submit and F32 or contact your grants submission administrator if you are applying for another type of fellowship

Monthly Postdoctoral Seminar Series

  • This seminar series occurs monthly on the third Monday of the month at 12 pm in the Pagano Conference Room, lunch is served
  • All trainees must regularly attend the Lineberger Monthly Postdoctoral Seminar Series, the current schedule can be found at our events page
  • All trainees must present at least one seminar

Annual Postdoc-Faculty Day

  • This annual retreat is organized by a small group of trainees from the program and provides an opportunity for Lineberger postdocs to showcase their research
  • All trainees are expected to attend and submit an abstract annually

Weekly Lineberger Seminar Series

  • This seminar series occurs weekly on Wednesdays at 4 pm in the Pagano Conference Room and features invited outside speakers
  • All trainees are must regularly attend this seminar series

Annual Lineberger Symposium

  • This symposium features high-level scientists from within the cancer center and around the world
  • Trainees are expected to attend this two-day event annually


  • Trainees are expected to attend a variety of workshops, all trainees must attend two of the optional workshops
Cancer Model Systems Required: Offered bi-annually
Grant writing & mock study sections Required: Offered annually
Career workshop Required: Offered annually – Spring
Mouse histopathology Optional: Offered bi-annually odd years
Bioinformatics Optional: Offered bi-annually
Microscopy training Optional: Offered bi-annually
Drug development and target validation Optional: Offered bi-annually
IRB training Optional: Offered bi-annually
Proteomics Optional: Offered bi-annually
Genomics Optional: Offered bi-annually

Optional: Offered bi-annually

Research Study Group

  • RSG is a trainee organized monthly meeting that features heavily on career development activities
  • Trainees are expected to regularly attend and participate in RSG
  • For the current RSG schedule please see our events page

Responsible Conduct of Research/Ethics Training

Clinical shadowing and tumor board participation

  • Clinical shadowing – contact Jen Jen Yeh for further information about setting this up
  • Tumor Boards – schedule can be found here: – For more information on how to participate in the Tumor Boards please contact the UNC Cancer Care office by email at or by telephone at 919-445-1000.
ITCMS Clinical Shadowing Program
Faculty Specialty Cancer Sites
Calvo, Benjamin Surgical Oncology Colorectal, liver, pancreas, breast, thyroid
Kim, Hong Jin Surgical Oncology Colorectal, liver, pancreas, sarcoma, thyroid
Yeh, Jen Jen Surgical Oncology Melanoma, thyroid, pancreas
Ollila, David Surgical Oncology Melanoma, thyroid, breast
Meyers, Michael Surgical Oncology Gastric, esophageal, colorectal, liver, pancreas, sarcoma, thyroid
Stitzenberg, Karyn Surgical Oncology Melanoma, colorectal, liver, pancreas, thyroid
Fowler, Wesley Gynecological Oncology Cervical, uterine, ovarian
Boggess, John Gynecological Oncology Cervical, uterine, ovarian
Gehrig, Paola Gynecological Oncology Cervical, uterine, ovarian