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Congratulations to both Christine Roden, PhD, and Chase Weidman, PhD, who both won this year’s prestigious Pagano Award. They are current and former trainees, respectively of the Integrated Training in Cancer Model Systems T32 Program.

This award is granted to postdoctoral fellows for their “hard work and amazing discoveries.”

Christine is a member of the Gladfelter Lab and won for her paper “Genomic RNA Elements Drive Phase Separation of the SARS-CoV2 Nucleocapsid” which was published in Molecular Cell.

Chase was awarded for his work on “Analysis of RNA-protein networks with RNP-MaP defines functional hubs on RNA,” published in Nature: Biotechnology. Chase is a Weeks lab alumnus and former ITCMS trainee. He now works as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Winners of the Pagano award are scheduled to present their papers at the Annual Postdoc-Faculty Research Day later this year.

Excellent work, Christine and Chase!

You can read more about the Pagano Award on the UNC Lineberger Site.