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External Advisory Board Members

  • Amy H. Bouton, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate and Medical Scientist Programs, Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Kerry L. Burnstein, PhD, Professor and Chair of  the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Miami Health System, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • James J. Manfredi, PhD, Professor of Oncological Sciences and of Cell, Developmental, and Regenerative Biology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Olufunmilayo F. Olapade, MD, FACP, Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics at the Univesity of Chicago School of Medicine

Internal Advisory Board Member

  • Adrienne D. Cox, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Radiation-Oncology
  • Ilona Jaspers, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology and Immunology
  • Alexander V. Kabanov, PhD, DSC, Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering

URM Consultant

  • Antonio T. Baines, PhD, Associate Professor of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at North Carolina Central University