Former Trainees

Maria M. Bednar Research Scientist Bayer Crop Science
Kara Boltz

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
North Carolina State University

Sara Conard

Project Specialist II
INC Research in Raleigh

David S. Courson

Research Assistant Professor
Old Dominion University

W. Darnell Graham

Postdoctoral Fellow: Swanstrom Lab
Molecular Biology of Retroviruses

Samantha Keeble (King)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Bear Lab
The role of the Arp2/3 complex in directional migration

Colleen Kellenberger

Research Scientist at Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

Robin J. Marjoram

Scientist at Affinergy

Jonathan Mitchell

Scientist at Imanis Life Sciences

Lydia P. Morris

Medical Science Writer/Editor-Education & Training Systems International