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The Lady Tata Memorial Trust invites applications worldwide for Awards to individuals to support research on leukemia. Application Deadline: March 15 and January 25

The Lady Tata Memorial Trust was established by Sir Dorabji Tata in April 1932 in memory of his wife, Lady Meherbai, who was struck with leukaemia in 1930 at the age of 50, and succumbed to the disease a year later in Wales, when she passed away on 18th June 1931.

International Awards

The Trust spends four-fifths of its income on international research, and an International Scientific Advisory Committee, based in London, invites applications for Awards for individual support for research on leukaemia worldwide through advertisement and on the trust’s website. Awards are restricted to studies of leukaemogenic agents, and the epidemiology, pathogenesis, immunology and genetic basis of leukaemia and related diseases. Applications not directly related to the field of leukaemia are not considered. These awards are open to suitably qualified investigators of any nationality. Priority is given to those intending to move to other centres with a view to establishing scientific collaboration between laboratories. The academic year for these awards is October-September. To know more about International Awards, Click here
Application Deadline: March 15

Indian Awards

The Trust offers one-fifth of its income to scholars doing scientific investigations in Indian Universities and Institutes into diseases of the blood, with special references to leukaemia, and for scientific research towards alleviation of human suffering from disease. The awards offered are the Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2-year term) and Junior Scholarship (5-year term leading up to the Senior Scholarship/PhD studies). The academic year for these awards is August-July. To know more about Indian Awards, Click here
Application Deadline: January 25
For more information visit their website: