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UNC has created a lung cancer screening registry with the purpose of improving lung cancer screening. This information will be used to answer questions related to lung screening and health.

In a collaboration between doctors and researchers, the Radiology Research Team at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill has developed the North Carolina Lung Screening Registry. The purpose of the registry is to gather data about people undergoing lung cancer screening exams to help researchers and doctors better understand characteristics of people being screened. The National Lung Screening Trial found a 20 percent decrease in lung cancer deaths in eligible patients being screened with low dose computed tomography scan (LDCT) instead of chest x-ray. It remains to be seen if these dramatic results will persist outside of a clinical trial setting.

Anyone who has had a LDCT lung cancer screening within UNC Healthcare is eligible to participate in the registry. Participation takes about 10 minutes, and involves:

  • Reviewing and signing consent and HIPAA forms
  • Completing a brief health history form

Once a patient’s forms are completed, they are added to the registry. There is no further follow-up for this study, meaning that patients complete paperwork one time, and researchers do not contact them again. All patient information that is provided is kept strictly confidential.

By participating in the registry, patients are helping researchers to better understand lung cancer screening patterns, which will hopefully lead to improvements in the future. We couldn’t do this research without the participation of patients, and are grateful to them for taking the time to be a part of this important study.

If you have any questions about the study, or may be interested in participating, please contact the project manager at

To download the Registry Brochure or Poster, click on the images below.