Jennifer Gruhn, MS,
Lymphoma research coordinator

Jennifer Gruhn, MS, is a clinical research professional with interests in outstanding patient care, enlightening research studies, and furthering our knowledge of oncology in pursuit of preventative and curative treatments. With an extensive academic background, she holds a bachelor of science degree in biology with a minor in chemistry as well as a master of science degree in biology with a specialization in plant epigenetics. Three years of doctorate studies in neuroscience convinced her to make a change from an academic career path to the clinic, where she enjoys the face-to-face interaction with patients. She thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative, patient-focused health care facility, with the ultimate goal of delivering the best possible outcomes for our clinical trials participants.

Her clinical trial experience spans a wide range of diseases, from ADHD, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease to cardiovascular, gastroenterology, migraine, and fibromyalgia. The past year and a half of her career has been dedicated to oncology, specifically lymphoma. There are many new trials that UNC has to offer, and our lymphoma team is excited about the future of lymphoma research. When not studying protocols, paperwork or medical records, Jennifer enjoys exploring all that North Carolina has to offer with her husband and two dogs. She loves spending time outdoors, hiking and gardening, discovering new neighborhoods and restaurants, or cooking and baking at home. She is also a certified integrative nutrition health coach and runs a food blog in her spare time.