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I’m not sure to which UNC Lineberger program or programs I belong. How can I find this information out?

First check the directory to see if your program is listed on your profile. If not, email Madeline Hanley, Membership Coordinator, at to determine your member status.

I think I should have a UNC Lineberger member profile, but I don’t have one. Who should I contact to determine my member status?

You will not have a profile if you are an Adjunct or Emeritus member.

If you are a Full or Associate member and do not have a profile, please contact Madeline Hanley at to determine your member status.

I would like to make updates to my existing online member profile. Who can help me?

Please use the Qualtrics member survey to submit your updates, and select “I am an existing member” — this will allow the team to update both your online profile and our internal  membership database with the new information.

When I enter my narrative text on the editing page and click the submit button, I receive an error message saying that there is a maximum limit of 3200 bytes. How many characters is that? How many words is that?

It is equivalent to approximately 3445 characters (including spaces) or approximately 435 words.

How do I find my PubMed page?

  1. Go to
  2. Under the search bar at the top of the page, click Advanced.
  3. In the Builder section, in the first drop down menu, select the option Author-Full. Then type in your full name including middle initial into the box to the right of the drop down menu. Click Search.
  4. You should receive a page of publications that are yours. If not all publications are yours, you may have to edit the search options to ensure accuracy. Once your specific list is created, copy the URL and plug it into the appropriate space on your UNC Lineberger profile editing screen.