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Five members of the Morris Lab standing outside of a building with reflective windows

Welcome to the Morris Lab

Understanding how cancer drivers establish malignant identity

Our lab is part of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center in Chapel Hill, NC, and is led by Principal Investigator John P. Morris IV, PhD.

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Tumorigenesis reflects the emergence of lineages that no longer conform to the differentiation programs essential for organ development, maintenance, and regeneration.

The Morris Lab strives to understand how cancer drivers initiate and maintain lineages that no longer “play by the rules” of evolutionarily dictated cell fate specification and hierarchical organization in order to identify, revert, and eliminate them.

Our Research Interests

  • Oncogene and tumor suppressor networks
  • Malignant specification and lineage plasticity
  • Evolution of cancer epigenetic and genomic heterogeneity



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