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About the Partners Cancer Biology Program

The Partners Program in Cancer Biology is funded by a U54 grant (CA156735) from the National Cancer Institute and formed as a collaboration between North Carolina Central University and the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. The program provides the opportunity for current undergraduate students at NCCU and UNC Chapel Hill to gain valuable research experience, mentoring, and career development in Cancer Biology fields.

The Partners Program introduces undergraduate students to basic cancer laboratory research and to public health research in areas relevant to disparities in the prevention, incidence, treatment, mortality and morbidity of cancer. Students may choose either a Laboratory Research Concentration or a Public Health Concentration. Students who successfully complete the first year of the program may be invited back for a second year.


The Partners Cancer Biology Program offers

  • A 10-week intensive summer program
  • A stipend of $5000 and a food/parking allowance of $750
  • Housing on the UNC Campus
  • A solo project to be completed under the supervision of a principal investigator and bench mentor
  • Professional development seminars and workshops

Requirements and Qualifications for Students

  • Currently completing your freshman or sophomore year
  • Science GPA of at least 3.0 preferred
  • Strong background in biology, chemistry, or computer science
  • Students must provide their own transportation and meals
  • Produce a poster and present at a UNC Undergraduate symposium at the end of the program
  • TBD: Attend ABRCMS conference in the fall of 2024



To apply:

  • Identify who will write your two letters of recommendation from faculty at your school (UNC or NCCU) – you will need to submit the the faculty members’ contact information as part of your application.
  • Complete and submit the online application using the application portal for your school:



Frequently Asked Questions

You will not be able to take classes or work while participating in the PARTNERS program. This is a very intensive program that will require all of your time during the 10-week program period. A stipend and housing are provided to compensate for this.
All parts of the program are mandatory.

Housing will be provided so a car is not mandatory, but you may obtain a UNC parking pass if you would like to keep your car on campus. You will be responsible for acquisition and payment of a parking pass, but this cost has been accounted for in your stipend.

On-campus housing will be provided at no cost. The program will provide a $5000 stipend for the summer, along with a $750 meal/parking allowance.

Update for summer 2023: ABRCMS attendance is TBD. A final decision will be made during the summer.
ABRCMS is the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students. It is held annually and allows students the opportunity to attend and present their work, network, and explore graduate school and career options in a professional setting.