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CHAPEL HILL, NC – More than 50 UNC Lineberger physicians are included in the latest compilation of The Best Doctors in America® database.

In addition, many of these doctors are also listed in the November 2010 issue of Business North Carolina Magazine, as part of its annual compilation of the best doctors in North Carolina.

Only 3 to 5 percent of physicians in each country where Best Doctors is present are included in its database. The Best Doctors database contains the names and professional affiliations of approximately 45,000 doctors in the United States, all chosen through an exhaustive peer-review survey that asks: “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?” The peer review process as well as additional research conducted by Best Doctors determines selections for each list.

The UNC Lineberger physicians, listed by their medical specialty (as the specialty is identified in the Best Doctors database), are:

  • Dermatology – David Scott Rubenstein, Nancy E. Thomas
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism – David Clemmons
  • Gastroenterology – Ian S. Grimm, Kim L. Isaacs, Robert Sandler, R. Balfour Sartor, Nicholas J. Shaheen
  • Geriatric Medicine – Jan Busby-Whitehead, Laura C. Hanson
  • Internal Medicine – Michael Pignone
  • Medical Genetics – James P. Evans
  • Medical Oncology and Hematology – Stephen A. Bernard, Lisa A. Carey, Elizabeth Claire Dees, Richard M. Goldberg, Nigel S. Key, Stephan Moll, Hyman B. Muss, Bert O’Neil, W. Kimryn Rathmell, Thomas C. Shea, Mark Anthony Socinski
  • Neurological Surgery – Matthew G. Ewend
  • Nuclear Medicine – William H. McCartney
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology – John F. Boggess, Wendy R. Brewster, Daniel L. Clarke-Pearson, Wesley C. Fowler, Jr., Paola Alvarez Gehrig, John T. Soper, Linda Van Le
  • Ophthalmology – Jonathan J. Dutton
  • Otolaryngology – Harold C. Pillsbury III, Brent A. Senior, William W. Shockley, Mark C. Weissler
  • Pathology – William K. Funkhouser
  • Pediatric Specialist – William T. Adamson, Julie Blatt, Amelia F. Drake, Stuart Gold, Patricia Lange, Carlton Zdanski
  • Pulmonary Medicine – Maria Patricia Rivera
  • Radiation Oncology – Lawrence B. Marks, Julian G. Rosenman, Joel E. Tepper, Mahesh Kumar A. Varia
  • Radiology – Mauricio Castillio, Julia Fielding, Joseph M. Stavas
  • Surgery – Anthony A. Meyer
  • Surgical Oncology – Benjamin F. Calvo, David W. Ollila
  • Thoracic Surgery – Richard H. Feins,
  • Urology – Raj Pruthi, Eric Wallen

Best Doctors, Inc. is based in Boston and provides highly specialized medical services to nearly 10 million people in over 30 countries. Best Doctors’ global database is updated continuously through a peer-review based evaluation of the medical profession, and includes 50,000 doctors worldwide named “best,” in over 40 specialties and 400 subspecialties of medicine. Best Doctors, Best Doctors in America and the star-in-cross logo are registered trademarks of Best Doctors, Inc. in the United States and other countries, and are used under license.

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