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Laura and Brian make annual gifts to support UNC Lineberger’s Comprehensive Cancer Support program which provides emotional and spiritual tools and support for patients and families.

Dr. Brian Stabler, a clinical psychologist at UNC Hospitals, was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1990. The doctors treating him were his colleagues. As a specialist in stress and health he was not used to being the patient. He brought a unique perspective to his treatment and follow up care.

Brian experienced first-hand how the health care system tends to be emergency-oriented when faced with a cancer patient’s emotional and psychological needs. He quickly learned how a comprehensive patient support approach that treats the whole patient – not just at a time of crisis, but throughout the cancer journey – works best. Throughout his professional life, Brian always believed a holistic approach supports a better quality of life for the patient. As he puts it, “attitude creates altitude!”

This is why he and his wife Laura have made annual gifts to support UNC Lineberger’s Comprehensive Cancer Support program, which is expanding into the new N.C. Cancer Hospital. They see that this program empowers, educates and affirms cancer patients and their families, providing the emotional and spiritual tools and support needed to cope with their illness.

Brian and Laura recognize that every single dollar provided for cancer support programs makes a difference. Private gifts help UNC offer nutrition counseling, massage and acupuncture programs, and maintain an extensive resource library and a collection of wigs and scarves. The Stablers believe strongly these types of services are a critical part of the larger circle of caregiving.

Brian and Laura recently toured the N.C. Cancer Hospital. Brian was mightily impressed with all that it will offer patients. “When our amazing faculty and staff move into the NC Cancer Hospital, it leads me to believe that we will enter a whole new world of possibilities for cancer treatment. This beautiful hospital will be a place of inspiration and hope for all who face cancer.”