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CHAPEL HILL, NC – UNC Lineberger Breast Center medical director, Lisa Carey, MD, gave the “2010 Year in Review” update for metastatic breast cancer at the 33rd annual CCTC/AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference held December 8-12.

Carey outlined key trends for 2010 including scientists’ growing understanding of additional breast cancer subtypes and the proliferation of new therapies. Yet, she noted, the goal of therapy for all metastatic disease is to control the disease and symptoms while maximizing quality of life for the patient.

Carey, who is also associate director for clinical science at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, provided an overview of significant clinical trials in the area of bone metastasis, HER2 targeted therapies, antiangiogenic drugs, therapies that target microtubules – the components of cells that are active in cancer metastasis, and PARP inhibitors.

She concluded by outlining the most promising and most challenging areas of concern in developing targeted therapies for breast cancer.

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference is the largest international conference on the disease held each year. This year, approximately 7900 attendees from 94 countries attended the meeting.