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Shekinah Elmore headshot
UNC Lineberger’s Shekinah Elmore, MD, MPH.

In the first episode of the New England Journal of Medicine podcast “Not Otherwise Specified,” host Lisa Rosenbaum talks to UNC Lineberger’s Shekinah Elmore, MD, MPH, about her experience with illness has shaped her as a physician and patient advocate.

“I think I was initially really put off of medicine by some of the stories that I had as a child getting care for my pediatric cancer,” said Elmore, who is an assistant professor of Radiation Oncology and Urology at UNC School of Medicine.

Elmore shared that those interactions have shaped her as an oncologist, and she believes it has helped her to better serve patients and their families.

“I have been really invested in the pursuit of joy as part of my practice of how I do both my work and my life. I think that I am just always interested in how can we create environments that are better for all of us? And so I think I really remain committed to the fact that we can really change the way that things are done. And that might be small at first, but that it’s really going to matter to some people,” Elmore added.

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