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University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers will share research and expertise at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, which is being held April 14-18 in Chicago.

Here are presentations and poster sessions scheduled for UNC Lineberger researchers:

Saturday, April 14

9:30-9:55 a.m.

Stephen Frye, invited speaker, educational session ED06 “The Use and Abuse of Chemical Probes: Ensuring Best Practice for Interrogating Biology and Target Validation.”

Sunday, April 15

1-5 p.m.

Laura A. Smith, “Calorie restriction reduces PI3K/Akt signaling and tumorigenic potential in HER2-overexpressing breast cancer.” Laura A. Smith, Magdalena A. Rainey, Nishita T. Sheth, Ciara H. O’Flanagan, Laura W. Bowers, Stephen D. Hursting. Poster Session: Emerging concepts.

5-6:15 p.m.

Patty Spears, SS19: “The Cancer Survivorship Landscape: Potential Focus Areas for the Future- A special session in the memory of Jimmie C. Holland, MD.”

Monday, April 16

8 a.m.-noon

Daniel James Crona, “Clinical biomarkers of survival in renal cell carcinoma patients treated with sorafenib.” Poster Session: Molecular Diagnostics 2: Laboratory Correlates for Targeted Agents and Preclinical and Clinical Trials.

Ning Cheng, “Nanoparticle-incorporated STING activator as an immunotherapeutic for PD-L1 resistant triple-negative breast cancer.” Ning Cheng, Rebecca Watkins-Schulz, Robert Junkins, Clément David, Brandon Johnson, Sean Bailey, Kristy Ainslie, Jenny Ting. Poster Session: Late Breaking-Research: Immunology 1.

Jane B. Pearce, “Autophagy inhibition reverses EMT and reduces 3D growth of pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.” Jane B. Pearce, Ciara H. O’Flanagan, Stephen D. Hursting. Poster Session: Autophagy.

1-5 p.m.

Carey K. Anders, MD,Efficacy and pharmacokinetics of niraparib in BRCA-mutant and wild-type intracranial triple negative breast cancer murine models.” Maria Sambade, Amanda Van Swearingen, Kaiming Sun, Jing Wang, Kevin Mikule, Carey K. Anders. Poster Session: Modulation of DNA Damage and Repair.

Jordan Kardos, “Effects of subtype specific chemotherapeutic immunomodulation in bladder cancer.” Jordan Kardos, Lisa Bixby, Andrew Truong, Bhavani Krishnan, Kyle Stewart, Benjamin Vincent, William Kim. Poster Session: Immune Mechanisms Invoked by Therapies 1.

Laura W. Bowers, “Breaking the obesity-cancer link: Nutritional modulation of inflammation and epigenetic reprogramming.” Laura W. Bowers, Shannon B. McDonell, Emily Rossi, Stephanie Montgomery, Joel Parker, Stephen D. Hursting. Poster Session: Biomarkers, Intervention, and Early Detection for Cancer Prevention.

C. Ryan Miller, “Kinome profiling of non-germline, genetically engineered mouse models of glioblastoma driven by Cdkn2a, Egfr, and/or Pten mutations reveals genotype-dependent kinase targets.” Erin Smithberger, Alex R. Flores, Madison K. Butler, Harshil D. Dhruv, Gary L. Johnson, Michael E. Berens, Frank B. Furnari, C. Ryan Miller. Poster Session: Kinases and Phosphatases.

Miranda B. Carper, “Novel mouse models of high-risk HPV-related oral cancers.” Miranda B. Carper, Scott Troutman, Kevin M. Byrd, Bethany Wagner, Erin C. Henry, Stephanie A. Montgomery, Scott E. Williams, Joseph L. Kissil, Antonio L. Amelio. Poster Session: Advances in the Generation and Analysis of Patient-Derived Xenografts.

Magdalena Rainey, “Short-term calorie restriction alters expression of tumor suppressor p21 in HER2-overexpressing breast cancer.” Magdalena A. Rainey, Laura A. Smith, Ciara H. O’Flanagan, Stephen D. Hursting. Poster Session: Metabolic Regulation.

Kyle Stewart, “Antitumor activity of HDAC inhibition in bladder cancer mouse models correlates with enhanced immune response.” Kyle G. Stewart, Andrew S. Truong, Bhavani Krishnan, Mi Zhou, Ryoichi Saito, Jordan Kardos, Ujjawal Manocha, Sean T. Bailey, William Y. Kim. Poster Session: Immune Mechanisms Invoked by Therapies 1.

Tuesday, April 17

8 a.m.-noon

Alexander Chung, “Potent treatment combinations with CIB1 depletion in triple-negative breast cancer.” Alexander H. Chung, Tina M. Leisner, Gabrielle Dardis, Marissa Bivins, Leslie V. Parise. Poster Session: Therapeutic Targeting.

Gaorav P. Gupta, “Early onset of chromosomal instability in breast preneoplasia detected by single-cell genomics.” Katerina Fagan-Solis, Dennis A. Simpson, Luciano Martelotto, Jorge S. Reis-Filho, John H. J. Petrini, Gaorav P. Gupta. Poster Session: Genomic Instability.

Xuewen Chen “Separate and combined effects of caloric restriction mimetics and autophagy inhibition on KRAS-driven pancreatic adenocarcinoma.” Xuewen Chen, Ciara H. O’Flanagan, Michael Coleman, Channing J. Der, Stephen D. Hursting. Poster Session: Therapeutic Approaches.

Michael S. Lee, “Differential gene expression is associated with response to chemoradiation and relapse-free and overall survival in rectal adenocarcinoma.” Michael S. Lee, Cheryl Carlson, Benjamin F. Calvo, Bert H. O’Neil, Dante S. Bortone, Benjamin G. Vincent. Poster Session: Biomarker Discovery 4.

Delisha A Stewart, “Metabolic profiles distinguish breast cancer progression in African American women.” Delisha A. Stewart1, Wimal W. Pathmasiri, Susan L. McRitchie, Lance Buckley, Tammey J. Naab, Robert L. DeWitty, Jr., Vikisha T. Fripp, Estelle Cooke-Sampson, Desta A. Beyene, Luisel Ricks-Santi, Robert L. Copeland, Jr., Susan J. Sumner, Yasmine M. Kanaan. Poster Session: Biomarker Discovery 4.

1-2:45 p.m.

Adrienne D. Cox, PhD, chair of Major Symposium, SY20- “Dharma Master Jiantai Symposium in Targeted Therapy: KRAS Revisited: Isoform and Mutation-Specific Functions in Cancer.”

1-5 p.m.

Carey K. Anders, “Genomic and Immune characterization of triple-negative breast cancer brain metastases.” Benjamin G. Vincent, Maria Sambade, Shengjie Chai, Marni B. Siegel, Luz Cuaboy, Alan Hoyle, Joel Parker, Charles M. Perou, Carey K. Anders, Poster Session: Determining How the Immune System Drives Tumor Progression.

Hyo Young Choi, “Identification of RNA-seq shape abnormality.” Hyo Young Choi, David N. Hayes, James S. Marron Poster Session: Statistical Methods, Mathematical Modeling, and Molecular Modeling.

Lela Lynn Lackey, “Post-transcriptional and Translational Control of Cell Fate.” Lela Lynn Lackey, Aaztli Coria, Alain Laederach. Poster Session: Post-transcriptional and Translational Control of Cell Fate.

Aruljothi Muralidharan, “OCT and MATE transporters mediate uptake and antiproliferative activity of the anticancer drug metformin in endometrial cancer cell lines.” OCT and MATE transporters mediate uptake and antiproliferative activity of the anticancer drug metformin in endometrial cancer cell lines. Poster Session: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics.

Krystal A Orlando, “Identifying drivers of SMARCA4/BRG1-deficient SCCOHT tumorigenesis by integrative multi-omic analysis.” Krystal A. Orlando, Jesse R. Raab, Jessica D. Lang, William P. D. Hendricks, Yemin Wang, David G. Huntsman, Jeffrey M. Trent, Joel S. Parker, Bernard E. Weissman. Poster Session: Epigenomics.

Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta, “IL-35 regulates anti-tumor immune response in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.” Bhalchandra Mirlekar, Ryan Searcy, Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta. Poster Session: Adaptive Immunity in Tumors.

Craig Goodwin. “Application of a CRISPR/Cas9 screen to identify novel therapeutic strategies with CDK4/6 inhibitors in pancreatic cancer.” Craig Goodwin, Sehrish Javaid, Adrienne D. Cox, Kris Wood, Channing Der. Late-Breaking Poster Session: Late-Breaking Research: Experimental and Molecular Therapeutics 3.

3-5 p.m.

Anna Chiarella, “Targeted gene control with bifunctional molecules to harness endogenous chromatin-modifying activity.” Anna M. Chiarella, Kyle V. Butler, Jian Jin, Nathaniel A. Hathaway. Minisymposium: Late-Breaking Research.

Wednesday, April 18

8 a.m.-noon.

Kirsten Bryant, PhD, “Inhibition of ERK MAPK signaling increases pancreatic cancer dependency on autophagy.” Kirsten Bryant, Sen Peng, Andrey Tikunov, Mariaelena Pierobon, Venugopal Gunda, Garima Tomar, Pankaj Singh, Emanuel Petricoin, III, Jeffrey Macdonald, Nhan Tran, Alec Kimmelman, Channing Der. Poster Session: Targets Affecting Metabolism.

Seth Weir. “Identification and validation of Nrf2 inhibitors in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.” Seth Weir, Xiaoxin Chen, Chorlada Paiboonrungruan. Poster Session: Novel Targets and Therapeutics.

10:15 p.m. to noon

Katherine Reeder-Hayes, MD, MBA, SY04 – “Disparities in the use of targeted therapies for breast cancer.” Access to Health Care in the Era of Biologically Targeted Therapies.

Scott Bultman, PhD. RAPR01: “The role of microbiome-derived metabolism in cancer prevention and therapy.” Systemic Metabolism and Cancer.